control of the powers related to the ‘dark night’, but also successfully ascended the Sequence 0 throne. , and also single-handedly wiped out all the descendants of Fregra, sealed the angels of the Antigonus family in the ‘Kingdom of Night’, and used the body of the ‘Mother of Heaven’ as the vessel to descend… How cruel… “

As a beloved of the night, when Klein thought of this, he subconsciously raised his head and looked around, fearing that his inner secrets would be leaked to the outside…

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enough for the Dark Demonic Wolf to escape the gaze of the “Night Goddess”. , it is very likely that some personality alienation and style changes will occur. If he completely follows the information provided by the “Night Goddess” to plan his actions, there is a high probability that he will make the mistake of bombing the target with an expired map.

"Under the strong pressure from the 'True Creator' and Amon, there is a high possibility that the Dark Demonic Wolf will undergo transformation... Maybe it will become a pervert, maybe…

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