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Golden Ship will stop and move forward at a constant speed. The tip of the key sank, and the bow of the golden ship sank slightly, then slowed down. Turn the key to the left and the golden ship will turn to the left. Turn the key to the right and the golden ship will turn to the right.

Because Xu Ying does not have any magic power, the only one who can control the golden ship is Yuan Weiyang. They returned to Yuanshou from Taixu Realm this time,…

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sand blue dragons, the “similar” among the Taiyin demons who are consecrated to heaven, they are full of ultimate agility, full of pure breath fluctuations of all phenomena and Taoism, that kind of interweaving and resonance, It was almost like thunder from the sky shaking the fire on the earth, igniting their rationality as demon gods.

It is even purely instinctive, the desire to be intertwined, to be melted and integrated in a closer way, and to complete one's own body. This is the interpretation of…

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